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Rätia Mechanik offers customers optimum quality throughout the process, from order acceptance to surface-treated, highly accurate and documented workpieces.

The company was founded in 1992 and has continued to invest in infrastructure and employee training, which is why Rätia Mechanik is able to offer a comprehensive service to its customers.

Facts and Figures

  • Company Name

    Rätia Mechanik AG

  • Founded in


  • Key Expertise

    Milling, Turning, Eroding and Measuring Workpieces

  • Other Services

    Laser Marking, Honing, Surface Grinding, cylindrical Grinding, Finishing, Sawing, Parts Cleaning, Re-marking, X-ray-fluorescence Analysis for Material Identification

  • Managing Director/CEO

    Christian Bargähr

  • Number of Employees


  • Affiliated Company

    BC-TECH AG, Domat/Ems (CH)
    glass-to-metal feedthrough